The Core

Artykuł pochodzi z pisma "Guardian"

Social historians of the cinema claim that war brings films of hope and affirmation, while periods of anxiety produce disaster movies. Few of the latter, of course, end in total disaster (Dr Strangelove is an admonitory exception) and, as in Jon Amiel's The Core, a disparate, disinterested band of citizens save the world from oblivion. Most recent examples of the genre have concerned a threat from without - meteorites flying towards us, alien creatures threatening our civilisation. In this instance, the threat comes from the centre of our earth. The core has stopped turning, the electromagnetic field around the world is ceasing to function and our days can be numbered on 10 fingers.

The movie begins well, with a host of Bostonians dropping dead because their pacemakers go haywire, a vast flock of pigeons going berserk in Trafalgar Square, a re-entering space shuttle having to land in the middle of Los Angeles, the Golden Gate collapsing and Rome reduced to rubble. After that, it's pretty predictable. The Pentagon recruits a team of scientists, a female Nasa pilot and a computer nerd and five of them board a special machine designed by a hardcore geographer to transport a payload of plutonium to the earth's centre. With no major stars present we can't be sure who'll die first. It's pretty clear, though, that the French geologist isn't going to make it - he's the wrong nationality and has a photograph of his lovely kids in his wallet. As in most films of this kind, the impending disaster isn't just God's doing - Cold War scientists are also to blame.

The Core is expensive, anonymous hi-tech stuff.

admonitory - ostrzegawczy, upominający
affirmation - afirmacja
anxiety - lęk, niepokój
to drop dead - umrzeć nagle, paść jak mucha
flock - stado
genre - rodzaj, gatunek (np.literacki)
to go berserk - zwariować, oszaleć, wściec się
to go haywire - dostać bzika,
host - tłum, czereda, chmara
to impend - zbliżać się, nadciągać
nerd - kujon, sztywniak
oblivion - (pójście w) niepamięć, zapomnienie
pacemaker - urządzenie wspomagające pracę serca
payload - ładunek
predictable - przewidywalny
rubble - gruz
shuttle - komunikacja (szczególnie wahadłowa – jeżdżąca tam i z powrotem na krótkim odcinku)
threat - zagrożenie, groźba


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